2 Ways To Fix The Cracked iPhone Screen Without Replacing It.

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iPhone repairs can be expensive, but sometimes replacing the screen isn’t always necessary right a way. That’s why we’ll give you 2 solutions to prolong that iPhone screen just a bit more until you really need that iPhone screen repair.

Solution #1, install a screen protector right over the cracked screen. Simple right? Well, putting a screen protector on it, not only protects the iPhone glass from further impact , but also prevents cuts and scratches on your fingers when using your phone.

Solution #2, put clear paper tape over the screen. If you don’t want to spend money on a screen protector or don’t have one, just use clear office tape and apply it over the cracked screen. The tape is thin enough that it’ll still register your touches and swipes.

However, if it comes a time to repair the iPhone screen visit iPhone repair or call 513-609-3578. Or visit our Google Page here. And our website here.

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