Broken Phone? What to expect next to get it repaired.

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1. Intro
You’ve dropped your phone and broke it. And now you need to get it fixed. But where do you go to get if fixed? Should you get it fixed and is it even worth it. These are the thoughts running in your mind. We’re here to break down how easy it is to resolve your dilemma.

2. Phone repair near me – what to do when your phone breaks
The first thing to do when the glass of your phone breaks is to put a screen protector on it, in order to prevent it from cutting you or even worsen the crack. Then you’ll want to investigate which phone repair shops are reputable in your area.

3. How to find a reputable phone repair shop
If you go on google and search for “Phone repair near me” you’ll find many phone repair shops in your vicinity. But which ones have good quality parts and workmanship? First, do your homework and ask questions in order to weed out the bad places. Make sure to ask about warranty, what happens if the tech breaks something, quality and their turn around time.

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