How to Do an iPhone 8 Screen Replacement

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An iPhone 8 screen replacement can be done with a few simple steps. First, you should power off your phone. Then, remove the two screws from the bottom of the iPhone. Giga Fixxoo’s iPhone repair kit includes a suction cup, magnet project map, and thin metal spatula. Using a suction cup, remove the back cover and pop the display up. Next, use a metal spudger to cut the adhesive that holds the display in place and the frame. Carefully replace the screws and replace the cover. Then, you can install the new screen.

You can also choose to purchase a screen replacement kit. These kits include all of the tools you need for the repair and come with all the parts needed. A phone repair kit will contain all the tools necessary to get the job done. The only thing that should be avoided while repairing the screen is dropping the phone, as it will damage the digitizer. You can also choose to purchase an iPhone repair kit, which includes everything you need to repair the device.

The screen replacement process is not difficult. All screens come with factory-coating that will prevent fingerprints from damaging them. The coating also helps your screen to have a premium feel. While it is not necessary to change the screen, it’s still important to follow these steps. After all, you might end up tearing the phone’s body apart and causing damage. In addition, the iPhone is not water-resistant if the screen is cracked.

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