How to Get a Cheap iPhone X Screen Repair Near Me

iPhone X screen repair can be expensive – even if you’ve been using it for several years – but you can often get similar work for less. You can save money by using local repair shops instead of going to Apple’s store. The average price for an iPhone X screen repair is $165, about half the price of the same repair from Apple. And, third-party repair shops can complete repairs in a shorter amount of time than Apple.

The best way to get a cheap iPhone X screen repair is to take it to an Apple store. The company has a network of more than 250 locations around the world. Unlike the other repair shops, this one is easy to find. The kiosks are located in retail stores and offer a free estimate over the phone. You can even find the nearest Apple store by searching the Swappa Repair Network. If you’re worried about the cost, you can use Swappa’s iPhone X Repair Calculator to get a rough idea of how much the screen repair will cost.

Although the price of iPhone X screen repair at the Apple Store is more expensive than anywhere else, you can also save money by doing it yourself. Many companies now sell parts to repair iPhones, and it is possible to get the same or a similar replacement for about $50 cheaper. However, you should be aware that this option is riskier than a professional repair, as you may end up with dark spots on the screen or other problems.

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