How To Repair Your iPhone If It’s Not Charging: 4 Easy Steps.

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If your iPhone is not charging, you’ve got a serious problem. In this day and age, our smartphones need to be working and here for us at all times of the day. So what do you do if your iPhone stops charging. We’ll go over some tips to see what you can do about it.

Tip #1: Change your iPhone charger cord. Examine the end of the cable and see if it has any burn marks or damage to the cable or metal pins.

Tip #2: Change out the iPhone battery. Batteries can sometimes cause issues with turning your phone on, if it should ever be old and faulty. And sometimes, these batteries can cause more damage to your phone if they short out or explode.

Tip #3: Clean out the inside of the charger port. These ports can get dirty over time and debris can accumulate inside which can prevent the charger cable pins from making contact to the charging port pins.

Tip #4: Lastly, if needed go to a phone repair shop and ask them to replace the charging port. These typically can cost from $40-80 depending on the device. So if your on google and searching for phone repair near me, take your device to Stay Mobile. We’ll get your device up and running at the cheapest price. Fast service and we’ll come to you.

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