Little Known Ways To Fix Your iPhone That No One Will Tell You About.

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iPhones have become the most popular items. And they are also the most expensive phones to fixed as well. Here, we’ll share a few details on minor repairs or adjustments that you can do at home yourself to save a few bucks on repair costs.

1) Clean out the lower speaker holes. The speaker holes located at the bottom of the iPhones tend to accumulate dust, dead skin cells, makeup and tend to clog the speaker meshes. And if you notice over time, perhaps your speaker doesn’t sound as loud as it once was. Well, that’s the culprit. So, clean out the speaker holes.

2) Clean out the ear piece on the top of the screen. As with the loud speaker holes, the ear piece mesh can get clogged with debris and grime as well. Once it gets clogged, you may notice that it gets harder to hear phone calls. So clean this area out.

3) Charger port seems loose or charger doesn’t stay in. Sometimes, lint from our pockets, dirt from the ground or food particles may get stuck inside the charger port. And over time, all these microparticles gunk up. Remove all these things in the port and the charger should stay in nice and tight.

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