What to Expect From a Mall Phone Repair Kiosk

mall kiosk iphone screen repair

Many cell phone owners visit a mall kiosk to get their phone fixed. The process can be quick and affordable, and you can get new protectors and cases for your phone for free. However, be prepared that you get what you pay for ad quality might not always be that great.  A few weeks ago, Danielle Scruggs’ iPhone 8 screen cracked. Because she lives in a small town, she had to drive about half an hour to get to an Apple Store. So she took her phone to a mall kiosk instead.

You can even take your phone in for a screen repair if your screen is cracked or chipped. While you may not get a new screen or case, you can get a new screen protector, and a new case from the kiosk. However, keep in mind that a mall kiosk may not be responsible for the problem or damage that occurs during the repair. You should also know that the kiosk may not provide warranty service, so make sure you take the phone to a licensed technician, as they won’t be able to guarantee the quality of the repairs.

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