When Did the First Touchscreen Smartphone Come Out?

In 2007 Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, which would become a groundbreaking computer and mobile device. The iPhone’s interface and core functionality paved the way for other computer-based phones. It was a game changer, and its popularity led to an endless stream of new innovations. When did the first touchscreen smartphone come out? Let’s look at some of the most important moments in the evolution of touch-screen technology.

The iPhone was the first touchscreen smartphone. It was introduced by Steve Jobs at Macworld in 2007. It was the first device with a touch-screen display and it included the full internet. Like a regular desktop computer, the original iPhone allowed users to browse the internet and send emails. The next decade saw the arrival of other devices with touch-screen displays. With the iPhone’s introduction, many people began looking for smartphones that could do the same.

While the iPhone’s predecessors were all-purpose devices, the first touchscreen smartphones didn’t come on the market until 2008. In Japan, the smartphone ecosystem was still developing, and a local upstart telecom company, NTT DoCoMo, released a line of handsets, which were linked to the high-speed i-mode network. In the United States, the Apple iPhone was the first true smartphone and the iPhone’s success helped launch the smartphone industry.

IBM released the first smartphone in 1992, and the first touchscreen phone was called the Simon Personal Communicator. The device had a touch screen, but a stylus was needed to use it. Proper touch screens were years away. The device had a monochrome LCD screen and a one-hour battery life. It was a status symbol, and it represents the evolution of the smartphone. And the touchscreen revolution has not been complete without the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

Since the launch of the iPhone, smartphones have become popular and affordable. The market has continued to grow, but the technology is not cheap. The price of smartphones has gone up, and data plans are a major concern. It’s not a surprise that the iPhone is expensive and bulky. Despite the hefty price, the iPhone’s battery life has decreased, but it’s not yet a deal-breaker.

The first touchscreen smartphone came out three years ago. It was called the Simon Personal Communicator. The Simon merged PDA and cell phone functions. Its launch price was $899 with service contract, or $1,435 today. The device had a 4.5-inch monochrome LCD touchscreen and a stylus. However, it was not very popular, and the price was not cheap. A few years later, the first full-blown mobile device with touch-screens was released and sold for more than $800.

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