Why is my battery yellow on iPhone?

Having an iPhone is great. They’re easy to use, cheap to fix, keeps they’re value over time and most importantly, they’re quality lasts over time if taken care of. But, as with all hardware and tech, some things can wear down and degrade. And in this article we’ll be talking about the iPhone’s battery life and maintanence.

How long do iPhone batteries last

iPhone batteries are lithium-ion based and depending on the iPhone model that you have, a single full charge can last days or a few hours. For example, the best iPhone in 2022 that has the longest battery life is the 13 Pro Max. These phones can last over a day on video playback. If you’re thinking about purchasing an iPhone 13 or any of it’s series, read this article to learn more about the iPhone 13 series comparison, https://thecampingnerd.com/iphone-with-best-battery-life/. And if you have the iPhone 7 or 8, you’ll most likely expect 4-6 hours of battery life on a single full charge on video playback. But what if you experience that the phone doesn’t even last more than an hour on a charge? Well, that means your iPhone’s battery is getting old and needs a replacement. Usually, phone repair shops advise customer to replace their batteries when their capacity is less than 80%.

How to check the battery health

To check the iphone’s battery health, go to settings and click battery . And now there should be a section within call Battery Health.

What does the yellow battery icon mean

In IOS devices, a yellow battery icon for iphones mean that the battery is getting low and needs a charge. When charging the phone, make sure to use a well maintained charging cable. Do not use cables that are torn, has dirty or missing pin strips on the charging tip and is plugged into an un-compatible charging brick.

Phone repair shop

At some point in time, lithium ion batteries eventually wear out and no longer can hold the same charge as it once did before. When this occurs, it means that the battery needs to be replaced and you’ll need to find the best and trusted repair shop in Cincinnati. Look no further because Stay Mobile is your one stop shop for phone repairs. Our technicians drive directly out to you so you never have to worry about dropping a device off and coming to pick it up later. Our phone repair technicians complete all gadget repairs directly on site within their work vans and we make it super easy and convenient to get your device up and working again. Our phone repair shop is located in Springdale,OH , but our techs service a 40 miles radius around the Cincinnati Metro area.

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