starter membership

Our membership services above allow our customers to repair their devices at wholesale pricing which saves them anywhere between 40%-50% on repair costs through out the lifetime of their device.. We know that electronic repairs can be very expensive and that doesn’t always have to be the case. 

Here’s our signup process:

Choose one of the memberships above. Pay the membership fee and begin repairing your device(s) at wholesale pricing

The Starter Membership allows for multiple repairs on a single device. Membership covers only 1 device. Additional benefits of this plan, is that the member’s device is covered for 12 months from the start of purchasing the membership fee and all repairs are completed at wholesale pricing. 

To sign up for one of these memberships, contact a representative at Stay Mobile and one of our representatives can help answer any further questions tat you may have or can sign you up for one of the memberships above. 

If you don’t want to purchase a membership plan, you can purchase the full retail cost of repairing the damaged part. 

However, with a membership plan, the aspect of that service that sets us apart from others is if your device breaks after a repair, instead of paying the full retail cost like other non-members, you’ll pay a 40%-50% lesser repair cost under a membership . Stop paying retail and start paying wholesale. 

When you purchase the Family membership or Starter membership, each repair that you do under your membership will be paid at wholesale pricing, which saves you between 40%-50% of repairs over the lifetime of your device.

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