Part Quality

Part Quality

Top Brands

Our store sources materials and products from top brands and suppliers. Our craftsmanship and knowledge of sourcing quality parts means that your repair will always be top quality. And the partnerships that we’ve established with time tested suppliers means that we can guarantee the best parts at a fraction of the cost. If you’ve ever had a screen repair from other repair shops, sometimes you may see that the glass pops off, falls off or lifts up. Non of these things should ever happen, if products and materials are sourced properly from reputable suppliers. We test our products, so that when it comes to repair your device, you’ll know who to trust.

Quality Parts

When it comes to choosing the type of quality part that you want to have a technician install into your device, there are many varieties to choose from.

Aftermarket parts are products that attempt to mimic the hardware specifications of the original manufacturer. While aftermarket parts have improved drastically over years, these are cheapest and lowest quality that is manufactured and supplied. Refurbished parts are products that have been manufactured and assembled using some, if not all of the original manufacturer’s hardware. These are regarded as the best quality that’s openly offered within the electronic repair industry.

 Some repair shops will only offer Aftermarket parts, while others will only offer Refurbished parts. At our store, we offer both qualities because we want our customers to have a wide selection to choose from depending on their needs and interest. 

Extended Warranty

Nothing is ever perfect, but we do the best we can for our customers. And when a technician completes a repair, most of the time it will come with a 30 day defect warranty. To learn more about what repairs are eligible for our 30 day warranty, speak with one of our representatives.

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